Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

This signs love friendship and communication with various people, because they learn something from everyone and give something to everyone. They are original thinkers and carriers of new, good orators, with sense for style, colours and beauty. Airs are relaxing people, they make a nice surrounding around them. Human kind can see a lot with them. Air is combining element and has rational approach to facts and happenings. Air type mostly emphasises thought of abstract forms, theories, ideas and concepts, has a remarkable objectivity and mind liveliness. Its behaviour is mostly friendly and nice, but lack of solidness can spoil him because he will due to his powerful wish to hang out seek peace no matter the price.

In his thoughts, there is a certain amount of insecurity, so he can sometimes seem unstable. He also has tendencies to live in a idea, even dream world, so in spite of his great intellectual capabilities and well developed understanding, often loses reality and possible. Air sign often seems cold and emotion-free. Reason to that is that everything has to be logically checked. Such a person likes to make some kind of a frame where all experiences will be put, even feelings, those irrational, what makes them objective and give them a relative value- this way, they can loose everyday worries.

When intellectual predisposition is too big, deeper emotions get much less energy. Not only that, but even physical bounds are ignored, so this type lives his life in an own abstract and ideal world. Inspiration comes from the outside, contacts and exchange with others. He gets well with other air signs, and extraordinary fulfils with fire.