Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth people are often practical, careful. Their interests are material goods and capital. They are solid on ground, conservative, egoistic and disciplined, spartanic. They like comfort, but dream about emotional and mystical personas. Person of this type is most comfortable where everything is discovered through body touch and practical sense. Earth is practical, solid, reliable, persistent (if not stubborn), hard-working, careful.

A good anchor and getting something what can give him good control over things and businesses is almost a condition without which, it cannot function, it lacks security. Body (especially health) is very important in his life, because body is "touchable" shell of "life" in it. They have great recovery capabilities, and physical experiences. Evolved instinct for current situations, facts, can be considered practical, even irrational events are based on subjective observance.

Earth's lifestyle is finding pleasure in concrete goods and everything touchable and real, is precious to it. Even  mood and work is based on this "enjoyment" of life. But there is no need for raw sensitivity, since perception can get very good. People of this type can express themselves in art and creative work done with hands, because in this way, they can use their senses. Two earths together are solid and treasure their property, and they get well with water people because water brings life..