This is a fixed, male, air sign, spiritual and intellectual. It rules the 11th house of human relationships and friendship. His keyword is I know. This people possess very fast reflexes, with well developed communication skills and you can often find them as negotiatiors in politics, but also among priests. Aquarius's ruling planet is Uranus, planet of intellect and progress, so this people are born to be leaders, wherever they are, and whatever they are supposed to do. They will always prevail in leading. This are very sincere and true friends who won't turn their back on you, even when they can't help you. By nature, they are methodical, never listen to others, but do as they wish to, what will once trouble them, but continue their unused paths. This are also unconventional people, fair, human, often vegetarians, and very altruistic toward everyone. They need space, no boundaries on marriage and relationships, but if they find someone who gives them all this, they become very kind and reliable partners.

Aquarius's colors are torques, all variations of green, and blue.