Signs : Cancer, Scorpion, Pisces

Water signs hide depths, rich inner life, emotions, instability, introversion, imagination, mysticism. Great sensitivity and vulnerability go with emotional insecurity and instability. Water people are easily affected by their surroundings. Although this shouldn't be considered a weakness, but emotional readiness to live into others' feelings. Capability to feel like someone else is so great that it happens without them even knowing it. In spite of that, this people have great strength which wants to be expressed by spirit.

Psychic and occult powers are often, mostly unconscious, the same way as their wishes and motivations. This can result with conscious irrational fears, sensitivity and strong reactions toward people and places. Even when looking calm, water type can be raging inside. The reason is that water has no constant shape, and accepts and shape, but accepted shapes might not be good. Water people are accepted by water because water freshens them, and two waters flow better.