Venus has almost the same volume as Earth, after the Sun and Moon, it has the strongest glow and it is the nearest to us. Venus's element is air. Sparkly beauty caused Venus (or Aphrodite) be goddess of beauty and love. After Zeus ejected his sperm into the sea, she was born out of the sea foam. Her beauty not only brought harmony, but provoked Trojan war. In astrology Venus represents everything we consider nice and lusting.

It's place in the horoscope tells us something about out need for peaceful, harmonic surrounding, about our love towards life and our capability to sacrifice.

It's the symbol of everything what is gentle, kind but also irrational. Causes inertion and laziness.  Exalt feeling of love and happiness. Symbolises teenagers and eroticism. With  people, it controls metabolism, urinary system, women's genital organs, health of the throat and hair. If harmonical, means sensitivity, artistic talent, enthusiasm, joy, charm, kindness, sensuality, capability to enjoy all forms of life. Negatively brings up laziness, bad will, slippery, morals, excessive romantics, addiction, morbid sensuality.

Artists, especially musicians, are linked with Venus, as well as our sense of aesthetics and our power to seduce or be seduced. Its metal is copper. In astrology it reigns Taurus and Libra, and rules the 2nd and 7th house.

Psychological manifestations: love, erotic attraction, sense of balance, beauty, art, sociality.

Biological manifestations: sexuality, kidneys, veins, emotional disturbances, throat illness'.

Sociological manifestations: girl, mistress, wife, mother, all personas with interest in well-being, manufacturing or selling clothes, or entertainment people, artists.