Signs: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius

These signs are temperament, get angry and cool very fast. Creative, passionate, idealists and adventuress. They approach the world full of enthusiasm, with almost endless energy and activity, fertile, fast, furious character, which can turn to aggression. Fire sign is very spontaneous and self-confident. He powers himself because he is very up to himself. Will is very strong, as well as his courage and persistence. But, when no self-control is present, when he doesn't like routine and wants something new, persistence is not easy to use. Although, if this sign decides something, he will stick to it.

History has almost no attraction, his all body is turned to future, which he wants badly. It welcomes any new chance, without thinking about potential dangers and risks, or sees them when it is over. He has a childish belief that everything will turn out in best possible way, often companied by underestimating material things-he just can't see their value. When things turn bad, this sign can get childishly helpless, because he has a very strong wish to exaggerate and dramatise. It is important that this person lives in a colourful world of ideals and fantasies, there is no greater luck for him than to deal with impractical ideals and visions.

Positively, this can produce a very brilliant mind, security in your own faith, on the other hand, this means that fire sign wants to spend time in a fast row of fantasies, and risks a complete exhaustion. Along with aggressive behaviour, negative aspects are pride and arrogance. But, actually, fire is fair, warm, loyal, energic,  strong, careless, safe, vital, spontaneous and loyal. It "burns" problems. He gets well with air people and fire-fire is ok. Fire warms the air, and air spreads it and makes it even more powerful. Two fires together burn well, if they don't exaggerate, because of a "fire".