Uranium is on the outskirts of our solar system, where sunlight barely gets. Uranium was discovered by English astronomer William Herschel 1781. It's diameter is 50 000 km and its atmosphere is probably made out of hydrogen, methane, and ammonium. Temperature is -170( C. Planet is shiny in center and darker on poles which are flat. Axis of rotation is almost inline with orbit, and has 5 satellites. It travels 5( per year so is in every sign for 7-8 years and it takes him 84 years to go around the sun. In mythology he is Saturn's father, who castrated him and made lots of horrible kids.

In astrology, Uranium represents a break with tradition and our new development. It symbolises spirit, intuition and spontaneity. Its position on the map tells us about our relationships with friends, as well as our attitude to authority. Uranium can also contribute to a revolution, and it can also irreparably destroy. It rules Aquarius, and it's a symbol of individual affirmation, resistance to current society, revolution, discoveries, spectacular news, termination of current life, instant decisions, removes unnecessary, activates when needed, doesn't stand inertion. Uranium is a flying planet, literally and metaphorically. It is protector of people who die for a better tomorrow, but are not understood until they die. It gives extrovert, reformer spirit, unconventional actions, unpredictability, flashes of luck or unluck, technical discoveries, today which doesn't think about yesterday or tomorrow. Television, radio, modern technology, space exploration, all of them are in sign of Uranium. It helps people to live better with help of technology. It wishes contact with masses and represents collective communism where everyone has everything the same.

Love is unselfish and universal, humanity is glorified. Spiritual heights are meaningful. Uranium's people are prophets, in contact with other dimensions. It controls hands, automatic movements, brain and circulation. When harmonical, it gives manual agility, originality, intension, kindness, adjustments, sociality, love to freedom, progressive ideas, scientific discoveries. Non-harmonical, causes stupid ideas, makes "enfant terrible", sour face, irrational revolts, choleric excesses,  harsh sarcasm, nerve crisis, reactive spirits, sexual deviations, perversions, boundaries. Uranium in signs affects generation and weather behaviour. In astrology, it rules Aquarius and 11th house of the Zodiac.

Psychological manifestations: originality, intuition, self-will, feel for rythm.

Biological manifestations: nerve system, meningitis, hypofiss, nerve disturbances, injuries, operations, accidents.

Sociological manifestations: reformers, inventors, technicians, revolutionaries.