This is a fix sign, female by nature, watery by quality and negative. He rules the eight house of the Zodiac, house of death and inheritance. His keyword is : I want. Scorpio is most intense sign in the Zodiac. They are described as very passionate, mysterious, secretive, perceptive and at first sight, cold. Pluto is their ruling planet, planet of destruction and vast energy giving them passionate strength, as well as a bit poisons character. He mostly very liberal sign and first at everything. Most of them are collectionars of cold weaponry, work at high places in the army or state, often spies, they destroy to rebuild and contain all principles of elimination and natural dying out. Their mission is to learn expressing in this world, because their basic flaw is lack of speech, they don't like talking about themselves, but are good at listening to others. Their life is filled with battles, either outer or inner ones. If they manage to canalise all their potentials, they just become a very powerful spiritual worker or even a state president.

Scorpio's colors are black, red, purple, dark  green, all variations of dark brown to red-brown, lime color, and olive green.