In mythology, Chronos (Saturn) ate his father to rule, then kept eating his kids  so they wouldn't do the same to him, until Jupiter threw him and started ruling. Saturn is the planet of power, evil, old age, suffering, greyness, coldness, winter, ice, solitude, depression, and desperation. In astrology, Saturn is also considered as Karma planet. Karma is the law of actions and consequences. Saturn takes care we confront consequences. This is especially correct in the period of about 29 years, when natural Saturn forms a conjunction with the passing Saturn. This is the time when it is necessary to think about life and all mistakes and disappointments in it, what should effect in repair actions.

Saturn designates past, tradition, father, principles. Where Saturn is, problems will be correctly solved, like a challenge found in every horoscope. We are supposed to overthrow fear and restrains. Seen as positive, Saturn brings up persistence, hard work and responsibility. It rules the Capricorn. It's orbit is about  11.425.000.000 km from Sun, with a diameter about 10 times bigger than Earth's. It's glowy and unique, surrounded with concentric rings made out of dust. Saturn's upper atmosphere is cold, visibility depends on the season and planet's position. It has about 21 satellites and moves very slowly. It is the grandfather of the family, leaded color. It's element is earth.

It affects skin and skin sickness', teeth, hearing, nerve system, muscle and bone structure. It can cause rheumatism, bad guts, and nails easily crack. When harmonical, creates persistence to passions, strong will, moral, caution, rational choices , stoicism, justice, sense of duty, seriousness, coping with problems, peace, intellectual abilities, ambition. When no harmony is present, it can cause egoism, pessimism, hypocrisy, coldness, suspicion, intolerance, sadness, indifference, moral cruelty, envy, restrictions, depression, bad changes, conflicts with officials, government and parents.Saturn's metal is lead. In astrology it rules Capricorn and Aquarius, and 10th and 11th house.

Psychological manifestations : power to concentrate, persistence, seriousness, saving money

Biological manifestations: skeleton, skin, spleen

Sociological manifestations: hard-work, melancholia, elderly, father, miners etc.