This is a negative, female sign, watery by nature and also changeable. His keywords are I believe. This is the 12th, last sign ruling secret places in people, our internal fears and soul. They are the last chapter of stars, they close the circle of life and death by resurrection and new incarnation, so they are the sign of reincarnation and new birth. Their ruling planet is Neptune, planet of illusion and mystery, what gives them cunning and romantic soul. Their reality is a bit twisted, they see what they want to see, not what is, but most Pisces don't know ego. Because of that insecurity in themselves and world around them,  and sensibility, Pisces are often fond of liquor, running from the reality. Their hypersensitivity often results in Pisces as psychiatrics. They are also children's psychologists, paediatricians, musicians, writers. This are very creative people, very imaginative, although sometimes they lack concentration at work they do, so they need enough space to work properly.

Pisces's colors: blue, green, torques, purple.