Cancer is a negative female sign, fourth in the Zodiac, under the ruling of the Moon. His element is water, his moody by nature and his keyword is I feel. It is basic to know that Cancer is hard to understand. He is gentle,  good listener, very kind, up until you bring up his feelings and emotions toward other people. Considering they represent the fourth house of the Zodiac, and that's the house of home, mother and motherhood, they are too emotional and bond to everything and everyone in their life, and they find it hard to let someone go from them, no matter if they are deeply hurt. They are pretty nervous, often melancholic and auto destructive, inclined to self-pity and too emotional for everyone but themselves because their flaws are only ones they don't see. They are watery sign with Moon as a ruling planet, what makes them changeable as ocean. Cancer is a powerful sign moving under the visible surface which is projected to outer world.

Cancer's colors are white, silver, silvery-grey, light blue.