Pluto was discovered in 1930, and temperatures are below -200( because of the enormous distance from Sun (6 million km). It has a very ecliptic orbit. It has no atmosphere, and 10 times smaller than Earth. Its diameter is smaller than Moon's and has one satellite. Pluto is the god of Hell, demonical power, perversion of fire. Dionis + Pluto = Satan.

It's the symbol of archaic psychic states, violent changes, metaphysics, hypnosis, occult power, fast rise when everything seems lost, desperation, revolt, destruction, criminal, perversion, sadism, cruelty, animal instincts, H-bomb. It affects male sex organ, subconscience, rapid recovery after illness.  Its element is water. It travels 1 degree per year, and it takes him 250 for the Zodiac. By night, it awakens creativity with Scorpio, and by day, it makes Aries magical. It causes complications and seriousness.

Pluto affects masses and mass movements, it seals a time because it spends lots of time in one single sign. Pluto people have magical power to the masses, hypnotise by charm, killer look, spiritual strength, and have extreme physical energy. In astrology, it rules the Scorpio and 8th house.

Psychological manifestations: wish to rule, extreme sincerity, and lust to affect masses, commercial efforts, mass compassion.

Biological manifestations: subconscious.

Sociological manifestations: people with hypnotical influence to people, like orators, actors, as well as politicians with single-sided opinions.