In mythology, Neptune (Poseidon) is Sea God and Water God, elements that are basic for life. Sea depth often twists the vision making an illusion of an unreal world. It's a symbol of yachts, ships, music, art, community ideals, contacts with other dimensions, introverts. It creates intrigues, secrets, complications, perversion, mysterious passions. Neptune is in hospitals, jails, churches, it gives psychiatrists, spies, cheaters, musicians, graphics, church people, mystics, drunks, inclination for alcohol, drugs and nicotine consummation. It also causes getaway from reality and lust for love.

Neptune's people are mediums, prophets, they like yachts, religions, they are incline to kleptomania,  deceiving, speculation, apathy, spiritual disorders, sexual enjoyments. Neptune affects feet and makes good dancers. It controls nerve system, part of the brain that controls eyesight, hearing and smell, and resistance to infectious diseases. Neptune's element is water. Every year it travels 2(, so it stays in one sign for about 12-15 years, and the Zodiac lasts for about 164 years. During night, it is in Pisces, and makes them mystical or deceiving, while daily domicile is in Sagittarius. Both signs slip you like a fish from a hand.

Neptune was discovered in 1846 at the Berlin astronomy observatory, after , not knowing about each other, Englishman J.C. Adams and Frenchman U.L. Verrier were observing it in secret. Neptune's dimensions are much alike Uranium's. It is 4500 billion km from Sun, so it is very cold, -160 to 200(C. It has 2 satellites. Neptune (in signs) forms 1 complete generation and categorises epochs.  Good aspects are diplomatic readiness, intuitive depth, making up dispositions, espionage and gift for rhythmic paths. Often, such geniuses who keep secret threads of society and surroundings, have everything in mind, extensive memory, they are visionaries, conspirators, adore theories,  ready to revolt whole nation.

Bad aspects: even good ones are not very happy, and these ones especially bring illusion and deceives anywhere they are. Unreal ideas and suspicious businesses, pretending, love seductions, brake-ups, complicated, anonymous life, mysterious doubt about yourself and others, constant poisoning threat, drugs, smoking, all possible confusions. Neptune rules Pisces and 12th house of the Zodiac.

Psychological manifestations: sensitivity, inspirational thinking, mysticism.

Biological manifestations: pine, aura

Sociological manifestations: those with negative attitudes, impressive personas, mediums, dubious personas, cheaters, but very spiritual people.