Moon is the Earth's only satellite and is closest to Earth. While rotating around Earth, it also rotates around it's axis. It's element is water. It's the strongest with Cancer, and strong with Taurus and Pisces. It travels from 12-14 every day, and the whole Zodiac in 27 days. It rotates 12 times per year around Earth. It causes moody behaviour, makes fatter personas. It's a symbol of childhood, mothers, fertility, womanhood, women, wifes, sisters. It affects soul, memory, medium capability. In male's horoscope it designates relations with a woman. Physiologically, with women, it affects breasts and reproduction organs, and with men mood.

When harmonical, it gives imagination, popularity, kindness, patience, magnetical charm, good memory, understanding, trust, contemplation, mother instinct. In women's horoscope it means irrational sphere of persona and is more important than Sun. In men's horoscope it tells what kind of a woman he finds interesting. Unharmonicall Moon makes a man too dreamy, nervous, capricious, childly, indolent, undecisioned, addicted and histerical. With women it makes conflicts with mothers and refusing motherhood. Moon also affects body and feelings. Moon- it would be better if we could refer to it as a "she" because of it's nature- it is an ally of the Earth and all Women, it is partner and creator of life. It is there when a life is started, born, it is there when the first kiss occurs, when the first heart is broken.

The same way as astronomical Moon is viewable from Earth in its never-ending changing, the astrological Moon has "changes". It represents process of life which Sun has started. Sun is the conscious Ego of men from whom Moon, representative of unconscious emotional behaviour and unconscious acts, takes light because Moon is like a mirror.

Moon's metal, as well as the color, is silver.

Biological manifestations: fertility, system of body liquids, stomach, left exe with men, right one with women, sex organs, menstruation and various phases of motherhood.

Psychological manifestations: motherhood, labour, wish for changes.

Sociological manifestations: mother, wife, women, relatives, travellers, inheritance factors.