Mars is a red planet, 4th from the Sun, after Mercury, Venus and Earth. It's a bit flat on the poles. Seasons on Mars change it's appearance. Mars's atmosphere consists of 96% carbon dioxide. It's surface can be invisible for several months due to dust storms. It has two satellites- Deimos and Phobos which got their names from mythology from sons born out of Mars's and Venus's love.

Mars is the god of war, Ares, known for his bravery and going into every battle. Traditionally Mars symbolises a warrior who gave his fields as a loan in time of peace to feed his family. Mars symbolises male and Venus female energy. Mars is a planet of power, ruling, high temperature, aggression, dynamics, great physical strength which destroys to build. It travels 0.5( and the whole Zodiac in about 2.5 years. Night domicile is in Scorpio and daily one in Aries. It affects muscles, male sex organs, physical strength, nose and red blood cells.

Mars gives conquer, passion, energy, action, originality. It symbolises the time when we fight for success, rivals, extrovert, angry battle, seriousness, firm male sex, iron instruments, weaponry, athletes. If positive, it gives initiative, great energetic intellectual and sexual potential, magical "I", enthusiasm, courage and sincerity, aggression. If negative, it can cause the complex of lesser value, suspicion, doubt, brutality, sadism, lack of tact, tyranny. Mars's metal is iron. In astrology it rules Aries and Scorpio, and 1st and 8th house of the Zodiac.

Psychological manifestations: will, activity, courage, joy of work and fight, readiness to start action, skill

Biological manifestations: muscles, sexual functions, fever, temperature, skin sickness', injuries.

Sociological manifestations: fighters, armed people, athletes, mechanics, technicians, surgeons, craftsmen