Leo is a positive male and consistent sign, ruling the fifth field of love and sex, and his keywords are I want. His ruling planet is the Sun. He is a monarch of Zodiac, this people are armed with self-esteem which surrounds them as aura and you can always recognize them with "head's up!" style and for being the loudest in company. Leo is often in the center wherever he is, and that attracts people to him as a magnet. Leos are like eternal children seeking power and enjoy every moment of their climb up to the throne, whatever it is about. Leos are very grandiose and best in their work, no matter what it is. They can't stand deceives , although they are incline to do so themselves. Work failure frustrates them in grand manner and it is not easy to get rid of it.

Leo's colors are: yellow, orange, gold, red and all Sun colors.