Jupiter is the biggest planet, 5th in a row from Sun. It's atmosphere is made out of methane, ammonium and other gases. It has about 20 satellites. It's element is air. It spends a year in one sign, so Zodiac lasts for 12 years. His size and brilliance make him in the Roman mythology the same as Zeus in Greek mythology. It takes care of other gods and those people who chose to  worship him and his respect. He is also known as furious and arrogant in some situations and he is also know for having lots of affairs.

He is home at Sagittarius and Pisces. It makes judges, professors, high honours and kings. After the Moon, it is the most Yin planet, symbol of fat. It affects liver and arterious circulation. It can cause sickness's with polluted air as cause. When balanced, it gives dignity, aristocratic hold, calm nature, calm speech, people you can trust, ambition, sense for justice, understanding, psychic balance, generosity, peacefulness.

Unbalanced causes megalomania, hazard, hypocrisy,  arrogance, sick pride, suspicion, injustice, fanatism, alcoholism, rage. Jupiter's stone is emerald, metal: costrel. In astrology Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces, and 9th and 12th house.

Psychological manifestations: generosity, liberality, constructivism, optimism, sense of society, kindness, battle for space and property, moral and religious attempts.

Biological manifestations: food, weight, liver, sickness of blood, liver and lungs, diabetes, poisoning.

Sociological manifestations: CEO , creators, judges, salesmen, bankers etc.