This is a cardinal, earthly, female, passive and melancholic sign. Rules the house of profession and career, and his keyword is I use. His ruling planet is Saturn, cold, rough, big and slow planet, so all Capricorns seem slow and cold personas, although they are not. These people are often in the government, and they often work harder than others to get there because they are perfectionists so every little thing bothers them, but are very persistent. This is very ambitious sign, so there are big and realistic chances for a Capricorn to get rich in latter years of life, and all that due to ability to recognize right places to invest, what is among all signs only his ability. They have a well developed sense of time, and this makes them great in organization, and their calmness gets its tow here. They choose place and time much better than other signs, and as long there is the peak in sight, they will climb long to get it.

Capricorn's colors are black, grey, brown, and all variations of earth colors.