Taurus is a negative female sign, of an earthly quality and keyword is: I have. Ruling planet is the Venus. In astrology Taurus represents strength, not only physical strength, but also strength of soul, especially solid will and character. This are very strong and stabile individuals, persistent and by nature they put to realization what others make up. Taurus is very practical, determined worker and persistent boss. He does not like changes in any way and the person he trusts the most is himself, while patiently listening to others, but rarely do as they say. In business and life, his wish of survival is what makes him go. Also, there is some kind of special link between Taurus and nature which leads him to best solutions, although often he won't know the reason of his success. He is very resentful towards offends, likes company of intellectuals, attracted to sex because of experimenting, and he is the happiest in his own home.

Taurus's colors are pink, light-green, all variations of blue, and especially dark blue, which fascinates him like the sea.