C++ DEMYSTIFIED (3rd edition)

by Julijan Šribar and Boris Motik

Useful Links

This page gives few links to pages dealing with C++ programming language.

Experienced programmers will probably find interesting to peek into C++ Programming Language Standard.

If you want to communicate with the rest of C++ community, see what's bothering other programmers, or ask practical and theoretical questions, you can join Usenet newsgroups: comp.lang.c++, comp.lang.c++.moderated i comp.std.c++.

“Stroustrup: Bjarne's Home Page” - “father and mother” of C++ programming language. Visit his very interesting (and amusing) “Bjarne Stroustrup's FAQ” page.

“A Brief Look at C++0x”.


“C++ Reference”.

C++ FAQ LITE” - answers to frequently asked questions written by Marshall Cline. This is an excerpt from his famous book “C++ FAQ”.

“Thinking in C++” by Bruce Eckel - a very good book a draft of which is available for download.

“C++ Programming Language Tutorials” - materials by Douglas C. Schmidt prepared for his lectures at University of California, Irvine.

“C++ tutorial for C users” - a short course for those familiar with C programming language.

“DevCentral Learning Central” - brief courses on topics not only related to C++.


“Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide” - a course on STL at CodeGuru.

“Cay Horstmann's Home Page” - a famous author of several books dealing with C++. We highly recommend his “C++ Pitfalls” page.

“Cambridge University - Department of Engineering” - lot of links to pages dealing with C++.

“Computer Resources” - Addison-Wesley-Longman publisher pages dedicated to C++.

“WWW C++ Information” - a page with lot of English and German links.

“Techniques for Scientific C++”.

“Journal of Object-Oriented Programming” - leading journal on object-oriented programming.

“Dr. Dobb's Journal”.

“Visual C++ And MFC Library” - courses for Window programmmers.

“Collection of Software Bugs” - very interesting pages by prof. Thomas Huckle.