Julijan Šribar and Boris Motik

C++ Demystified

Get to know your opponent well in order to conquer him

3rd edition

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C++ Demystified
(3rd edition)

Authors: Julijan Šribar and Boris Motik
ISBN: 978-953-197-614-5
Pages: 934
© 2010
Binding: paper
Language: Croatian
Publisher: "Element", Menčetićeva 2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Over the last few decades C++ has become one of the most popular object oriented programming language. Its popularity is based on the wide acceptance of the C programming language, from which C++ has evolved. However C++ is not just a superset of the C, as most newcomers believe. Principles of object oriented design demand a completely different way of thinking compared to procedural C. In present-day large-scale programs, especially for interactive environments like Windows, object oriented design is simply a must.

On 934 pages, this book covers all most important aspects of the C++, starting with the basic structure of the simplest programs and built-in data types, through functions, user-defined types (classes) and their inheritance, to exception handling, namespaces and run-time type identification. The style of writing makes the subject understandable even for the readers not acquainted with any programming language. However, since the book covers almost all aspects of the language, the authors believe that it will be of interest even for C++ veterans.

A special quality to the book is added by the fact that it is consistent with the ANSI/ISO C++ Language Standard. The book is thus not limited to a specific compiler or a current generation of compilers. Moreover, 3rd edition covers some of the novelties (e.g. lambda expressions, move constructor, type-safe enumerations) to be introduced by C++0x Standard that should be accepted by the end of 2011.

Therefore, we believe that the book will be useful for a while to many of those wanting to master C++.

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The book of the year 1997 (1st edition), in the annual vote of BUG, the leading Croatian computer magazine (January 1998).

"...Without any doubt, this is one of the best textbooks on C++ ever published in Croatian, including translations from foreign languages."