C++ DEMYSTIFIED (3rd edition)

by Julijan Šribar and Boris Motik


Source Code of Examples from the Book

You can download source code of examples used in the book by clicking the link below:

  primjeri.zip (131 kB)

For archive unpacking you may use WinZip shareware or a similar program that supports ZIP format.

Example codes are sorted according to sections in which they are used.

Book preview

We have prepared a sample chapter (about 100 pages) of the 2nd edition for preview. In order to read this sample chapter, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader ver. 3.0 or newer installed on your computer.

Please, note that preview is in Croatian language! There is no English translation currently available.

   demistif.pdf (983 kB).

"..I have bought this book and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised that Croatian authors can write something as good as this. I already have a lot of books on C, but "C++ Demystified" is extraordinary (if only it were published earlier: I could have saved all the money I have spent on other books)."

Matija Protrka