C++ DEMYSTIFIED (3rd edition)

by Julijan Šribar and Boris Motik


In order to develop programs in C++, you need a compiler. More elegant solution provide integrated development environments (IDE), which include source code editor with syntax highlightning, compiler and debugger.

Commercial Products

Most popular commercial development enviroments for MS Windows are:

You can download fully-functional evaluation versions of both products.

Besides commercial version, you can download a free ("Express") version of Microsoft Visual C++ development environment. It is completely adequate if you want to learn C++ basics.

You can also download free Borland C++ command-line compiler, which is used in C++ Builder development environment.

Non-commercial compilers

For those who want to program on another OS or don't like Microsoft products, several free compilers and development enviroments are available.

The most famous is GCC compiler which is one of products of the GNU project. Although originally developed for Linux, today exist versions for several operating systems. Most popular ports for MS Windows are MinGW and Cygwin.

Bloodshed Dev-C++ is one popular and free integrated development environment using GCC compilers.

Code::Blocks is a free development environment for MS Windows, Linux (32 i 64 bit) and Mac OS X. It works with GCC compiler, but can be configured with other compilers too.


Serious C++ developers must not avoid Boost library, a part of which has been included into the Standard library in the new version of C++ Standard.

"...C++ Demystified is IMHO the best book on C++ in Croatia. Even wider ;)."

Nino Prlić