Elite Potions & Scrolls




Most players don't use scrolls and potions as much as they should.

There really are some useful potions (and scrolls) that are easy to

find and can be a lifesaver. Well, I found this list of p&s on one of

the Elite web pages out there, I'll try and keep it up-to-date.

			LEVEL 1:				EFFECT:
			A white Potion				fly
			A yellow Potion				detect invisible
			A wand of invisibility 			invisibility x2
			(Shop: Wizard -- Midgaard)
			A juice-filled eyeball			detect invisibility
								sense life, cat eyes
			A small pair of bat wings		fly, levitation
			(Witches -- Mage Tower)
			A forget-me-not flower		       cure light wounds x2 word of recall
			(Shop: Seymour -- Tynstri)
			LEVEL 5:
			A Feather				fly x8
			Essence of Bugloss			remove poison
			A tall clear beaker			regeneration
			(Shop: Seymour -- Tynstri)
			LEVEL 10:
			Musky yellow potion			armor, bless, regeneration
			(Green Dragon -- 2s9w7ws2w2sws3wnen)
			LEVEL 11:
			Purple Potion				sanctuary
			(Hobgoblins -- Foot Elemental valley) 
			LEVEL 20:
			the Holy Grail				sanctuary
			(Fairy Monk -- Fairy Zone)
			a blue potion				heal
			(Donjonkeeper, Ki-Rin, Queen Spider)
			a wretched black potion			vorpal plating, blindness
								control weather
			(Shop: Retelzin -- Moria Drow)
			LEVEL 25:
			a potion of protection			sanctuary, bless, armor
			(Lair Aglandiir -- Stanneg)
			Book of Elders				heal x2
			(Bookmonster -- chessboard)
			LEVEL 30:
			Violet potion				sanctuary, regeneration,
								vorpal plating
			(Vampires, Count Vladimir -- Graveyard)
			LEVEL 40:
			Big Zither				mystic shield x10
			(Aglandiir -- Stanneg)
			small elixir				sanctuary, mystical coat
								death strike
			(Ramses -- Pyramids)
			Manual of healing arts			heal x3
			(Jocasta -- Minotaur Village)
			Rod of Security				sanctuary x10
			(Atrolicus -- Gigantia)
			LEVEL 42:
			Rare Herbs				regeneration
			Magic Dust				armor, mystic shield
			(Baby rainbow dragon -- Elemental valley)
			LEVEL 50:
			essence of life				heal, cure critic, cure light
			(Tomb Guardian -- Ancient Battlefield)
			platinum vial				phase blur
			(Apprentice -- Psionicist school)
			Book of Riddles				protection from evil
								sanctuary, mystic shield
			(Criosphinx -- Pyramids)
			The lamp				heal (area spell) x6
			(Djinn -- Pyramids)
			LEVEL 60:
			a crystal ball				phase blur x5
			(Lich Igon -- Graveyard)
			the Holy Grail				heal x2 bless
			(Behind waterfall -- Heaven)
			a scroll of look-before-you-leap	teleport, blind, mystical coat
			(Xamon -- Werehome)
			Comet's Tail				heal
			(comets -- Galaxy)
			Vessel of Aquarius			mystic shield (area) x10
			(Aquarius -- Galaxy)
			Blurring Gem				phase blur (area) x5
			(Silver cabinet -- Mage Tower)
			LEVEL 70:
			a glowing golden vial			vorpal plating, mage gauntlet
								mystical coat
			(Golden dragon -- Tynstri)
			White vial				mystic shield, sanctuary
			(Counsellor, Baelzubell, Guardian of the Night -- Hell)
			LEVEL 85:
			Skull of Draco				blindness (area) x10
			(Head of Draco -- Galaxy)
			LEVEL 88:
			The Heart Of of Hawthorn Staff		heal x15
			(Tamric -- Henrietta)
			LEVEL 90:
			Ring of Wizardry			mystical coat x4
			(Grand Mistress -- Mage Tower)
			Souls of the Living			heal, bless, strength
			(Chamber of Creation -- Demon's Empire)
			LEVEL 105:
			a gentle death				sleep x10 (level 109)
			(Gentle Dragon, Tall Dragon -- Tynstri)