Links to some of the web pages that I made::
Storm Dragons Storm Dragons are a clan on Elite MUD. If you don't  know  what  a  MUD  is,  check  the  link below this one.
Elite MUD It's a page  about  some  stuff from  the  MUD  I like to  spend  my time on.  Nothing  fancy, just some general info.
Player Killing (MUD) No! This has nothing to do with killing people! This is  MUD  related,  it's just a  guideline on how  to be  better than others in  the  PK  Zone.
Ozren Grover  (Oz)  (Flash) Oz  was  the  name of one of my  Role  Playing characters. At  that time I was learning my way around the Flash, so I made a web page for him
Links to some of the web pages that I found amusing:: 
SETI@Home Are  we  all  alone  in  this  universe?  If   your answer is:  "No!"  Than this  is a place for you. Come  and  help  SETI  make that first contact!
Noel Crane (Flash) This page is made by  Noel Crane, a  character from  a  TV  show  called  Felicity (I love  that show).
Wanna Be Evil? For all you evil dooers. This is a  site  that will teach you how to be a  Super Villain.  This is a definite must-see! 
Nightmare Project Having  a  nightmare  that  just  wont go  away? Don't  know  what to do about it? Confide your self  to  this  team,  they  just  might  help  you!
Calvin and Hobbes The first time I visited this  page I was hooked! Calvin rules!  If you like comics this is a place for you!
Rhino's Sailor Moon Page Addicted to Sailor Moon? (I'm not), but the guy that made this page IS! So, if you want to learn anything and everything about that cartoon this is the place to be.