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LEVEL 50 - 59

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		LEVEL 50:
		MN,INT  Wizardly tunic              <on body> Wg1   AC-20 INT+2 WiZ+2 +50mn
        		(Warrior Wizard -- Elysium)           ONLY:[Wi Il Ps]
		MN      Wizard's Sleeves            <on arms> Wg1   AC-10 +35mn
        		(Deft Magician -- Elysium)            ONLY:[Wi Ps Il]
		HP      ancient elven ring          <fingers> Wg1  AC-15 +50hp WIS+1
        		(ancient elf -- Tynstri)              [NO ANTICLASSES]
		STR,CON A dwarven mithril plate     <on body> Wg100 AC-22 STR+3 CON+3
        		(crypt near Balrog -- Moria)          ONLY:[Wa Ca Kn Pa Ma]
		MN,HP   A bloodstone medallion      <ar neck> Wg1   AC-10 +50mn +50hp AG
		CON,MV  A black cape                <ar neck> Wg2   AC-12 CON+2 +100mv AG
        		both:(Count Vladamir --  Graveyard)   [NO ANTICLASSES]
		MN,INT  A sandy-colored ring        <fingers> Wg5   AC-12 INT+2 +75mn
        		(s from Great Sphinx -- Pyramid)      [NO ANTICLASSES]
		HR,DR   A diamond ring              <fingers> Wg6   AC-6  HR+2 DR+2
        		(Tiamat -- Draconia)                  [NO ANTICLASSES]
		AC,STR  Deerskin Loincloth          <  waist> Wg30  AC-17 STR+2 DEX+2
        		(Pict -- Black Lagoon)                [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		Drow noble longsword        <h/wield> Wg10  4d12  HR+6 DR+6 AG
        		(Drow noble -- Moria Drow)            [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A ruby long sword           <  wield> Wg8   4d12  HR+5 DR+5
        		(Master Enchanter -- Mage Tower)      ANTI:[Cl Mo Dr]
        		A silver dagger             < b/stab> Wg5   5d7   HR+5 DR+5
        		(Master Enchanter -- Mage Tower)      ANTI:[Cl Mo]
		DR      A cermonial dagger          < b/stab> Wg6   5d8   HR+2 DR+4 AE
        		(Cleric in prayer room -- Small temple)[NO ANTICLASSES]
		HR      A plain black robe          <ab body> Wg4   AC-12 HR+2
        		(Tiamat -- Draconia)                  [NO ANTICLASSES]
		MN,MV   north star shield           < shield> Wg1   AC-10 +25mn +25mv 
        		(Atrolicus Master -- Gigantia)        ANTI:[Mu Th Ps Mo Ba Dr As Il Ni]
		HP      Sumptuous Black Velvet Cloak<ab body> Wg12  AC-15 +40hp +DETECT INViS AE
        		(Dragonlady -- Storm dragons)         [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		Golden Rudder               <h/wield> Wg15  10d7 HR+5 DR+8
        		(Elven Steward -- Illir)              ONLY:[Ma] 
		HP,MN   Circle of Tiny Flowers      <on head> Wg1   AC-10 +25hp +75mn AE
        		(Beautiful Dryad -- Tynstri)         ANTi:[Mu Cl Th Wa Ba Kn As Ra Pa Ni]
        		Stone Ring                  <fingers> Wg2   AC-10 HR+2 DR+1
        		(Stone Giant Commander -- Gigantia)   ANTi:[Kn]
		LEVEL 52:
		STR,HP  Girdle of Storm Giant       <  waist> Wg10  AC-15 STR+4 +30hp
        		(Storm Giant Commander -- Gigantia)   [NO ANTICLASSES]
		LEVEL 55:
		AC      A red belt                  <  waist> Wg10  AC-18 +5sf
        		(Monk -- New Japan)                   ONLY:[Th As Ma Ra Mo]
        		Tetsubo                     <h/wield> Wg19  6d7   HR+7 DR+7
        		(Shikome -- New Japan NR)             ANTI:[Mu Ps Mo Wi Dr Il]
        		Robes of stars              <ab body> Wg5   AC-12 HR+1 DR+1
        		(d from Jonas -- Gigantia)            [NO ANTICLASSES]
		LEVEL 57:
        		Lucifers ring of treason    <fingers> Wg??  AC-12 +invis +hide +sneak AG
        		(Lucifer -- Heaven)                  ANTi:[Mu Cl Wa Ps Ba Kn Wi Il Pa Ca]
		LEVEL 59:
		MN      Glowing golden robes        <ab body> Wg3   AC-10 INT+1 +100mn AE
        		(graceful dryad -- Tynstri)           ONLY:[Ps Dr Il] 

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