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LEVEL 10 - 19


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		LEVEL 10:
		Dam     deadly dagger               < b/stab> Wg5   4d3(+3d6) HR+1 DR+3 AG (evil)
        		(Shadow -- Tynstri)                   ANTi:[Cl Mo Dr Pa]
		CON     Black bear fur              <ab body> Wg10  AC-6  CON+1
        		(Black bear -- Forest)                [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		Green pointed wizard hat    <on head> Wg1   AC-10
        		(Slartiin -- Moria Drow)              [NO ANTICLASSES]
		HR,DR   A pair of swordmans gloves  <on hand> Wg1   AC-2  HR+2 DR+2 AG
        		(Human warrior -- Moria)              [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A broken sword              <  wield> Wg10  4d5   HR+2 DR+2 (enchanted)
        		(Skeleton warrior -- Graveyard)       [NO ANTICLASSES]
		HR,DR   A golden dwarven ring       <fingers> Wg1   AC0   HR+1 DR+1
        		(dwarven guards -- dwarven mines NR)  [NO ANTICLASSES]
		HP      a small ruby ring           <fingers> Wg1   AC0   +25hp  
        		(Matron mother -- old drow)           [NO ANTICLASSES]
		LEVEL 12:
		DR      A pair of Moorish bracers   <on arms> Wg15  AC-8   DR+2 DEX-2
        		(Caesar -- rome)                      ANTI: [Mu Ps Wi Il]
		AC,HP   Tough Scaly Leggings        <on legs> Wg7   AC-12  +20hp
        		(Lizardman -- Tynstri)                ONLY:[Ca]
		LEVEL 15:
		MN      a studly dragon tattoo      <on arms> Wg1   AC-5  +25mn
        		(Studly dragon -- Tynstri)           [NO ANTICLASSES]
		HP      A leather vest              <on body> Wg10  AC-8  +30hp
        		(Salle -- Stanneg)                    [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A Jewel of the Rising Sun   <ar neck> Wg5   AC-15 INT+1 WIS+1 AE
        		(Tokugawa -- Samurai Tower)           [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		Blue steel vambraces        <on arms> Wg8   AC-8
        		(High Minotaur Guard -- Man-Thor)     ANTI:[Mu Cl Ps Mo Wi As]
        		A broad silver belt         <  waist> Wg4   AC-6
        		(Isha -- Midgaard park)               [NO ANTICLASSES]
		HR      A glowing dagger            < b/stab> Wg1   2d6  HR+3 DR+2 (no move)
        		(In desk near Bad Feeling -- Chessboard) [NO ANTICLASSES]
		LEVEL 18:
		MR      A purple cloak              <ab body> Wg20  AC-10 +10mr
        		(Yevaud -- spider area)               [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		(Master mindflayer -- sewers)
        		A black shield              < shield> Wg4   AC-5  AG
        		(Black orc leader -- Moria)           [NO ANTICLASSES]

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