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LEVEL 1 - 9


		LEVEL 1:
		HR,CON  a revolution ring           <fingers> Wg1   AC-5 HR+1 CON+1
        		(Neb'Nvar -- Crimson Fist)            [NO ANTICLASSES]
		CON     a wristlet of many colors   < wrists> Wg1   AC-1  CON+1 
        		(Jemara -- Tynstri)                   [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		a burlap cape               <ar neck> Wg2   AC-3
        		(Tucker -- Newbie Zoo)                [NO ANTICLASSES]
       			bottled essence of glowworm <  light> infinite light
        		(shops -- Tynstri)                    [NO ANTICLASSES]
		CON     a pair of tiger's paws      <on hand> Wg1   AC-2  CON+1 +10mv
        		(Tiger -- Newbie Zoo)                [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		white leather pants         <on legs> Wg3   AC-6
        		(guards -- Tynstri)                   [NO ANTICLASSES]
		DEX     tight black leggings        <on legs> Wg1   AC-5  DEX+1
        		(shops -- Tynstri)                    [NO ANTICLASSES]
		DR      a shiny bracelet            < wrists> Wg1   AC-2  DR+1 
        		(girl -- Newbie Zoo)                  [NO ANTICLASSES]
		CON     a very studly leather vest  <on body> Wg3   AC-6  CON+1
        		(studly dragon -- Tynstri)            [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A breast plate              <on body> Wg100 AC-7
        		(shop)                                [ANTI: Mu Ps Wi Il]
        		A bronze helmet             <on head> Wg8   AC-6
        		(troglodyte lieutenant)               [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A pair of bronze sleeves    <on arms> Wg8   AC-6
        		(troglodyte  -- catacombs)            [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A pair of bronze leggings   <on legs> Wg8   AC-6
        		(troglodyte -- catacombs)             [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A pair of bronze gauntlets  <on hand> Wg8   AC-6
        		(Troglodyte -- catacombs)             [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A black silk robe           <ab body> Wg6   AC-1
        		(mimic -- Thalos)                     [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A troll signet ring         <fingers> Wg1   AC-4  STR+1
        		(Troll gang leader, bruiser -- PK)    [NO ANTICLASSES]
		DR      Spiked heeled boots         <on foot> Wg4   AC-3  DEX-1 DR+1
        		(Doll -- PK)                          [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		Iron girth                  <  waist> Wg6   AC-4
        		(glass cabinet -- Thalos)             [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A sturdy iron shield        < shield> Wg5   AC-5  -2sp -2mr
        		(Beholder in Thalos)                  [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A long sword                <   held> Wg15  1d8  HR+2 DR+2 (enchanted)
        		(shop, Cityguard NR)                  [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A hoe                       <  wield> Wg1   3d4  HR+2 DR+2 (enchanted
        		(farmer -- Dirt path)                 [NO ANTICLASSES]
		Dam     a small spade               <  wield> Wg1   3d5  HR+2 DR+2 (enchanted)
        		(groundskeeper -- Newbie zoo)         [NO ANTICLASSES]
		HP      A pewter ring               <fingers> Wg5   AC0  +10hp DEX+1
        		(master scheduler -- rome)            [NO ANTICLASSES]
		AC      a hefty length of chain     <  wield> Wg10  2d7  HR+1 -5 armor
        		(Bruiser -- PK zone)                  ANTi:[mu cl ps mo wi dr il pa]
		DEX     a pair of purple socks      <on foot> Wg4   AC-3  DEX+2
        		(under the bed monster -- Tynstri)    [NO ANTICLASSES]
		CHA     Anastasia                   < shield> Wg3   AC-3  CHA+2
        		(under the bed monster -- Tynstri)    [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		a hand knit angora blanket  <ab body> Wg1   AC-2        
        		(Granny Higglebottom -- Stanneg)      [NO ANTICLASSES]
		LEVEL 4:
		MV      A bat ring                  <fingers> Wg2   AC-3  +45mv
        		(chief gnome -- gnome village)        [NO ANTICLASSES]
		LEVEL 5:
		AC      A small bright green hat    <on head> Wg1   AC-10 -2 armor -15 to age
        		(matron mother -- Drow city)          [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A bead necklace             <ar neck> Wg8   AC-3  HR+1
        		(chief gnome -- gnome village)        [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A black metal breast plate  <on body> Wg10  AC-8
        		A black metal helm          <on head> Wg7   AC-7
        		Black metal arm plates      <on arms> Wg7   AC-7 
        		Black metal leg plates      <on legs> Wg6   AC-7
        		Black metal gauntlets       <on hand> Wg3   AC-7
        		All 5:(troglodyte chief -- caves)     ANTI:[Mu Th Ps Mo Wi Dr As Il]
        		A samurai bracer            < wrists> Wg2   AC-2  HR+1 DR+1 AE
        		(samurai apprentice -- Samurai Tower) [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A serpentine wristguard     < wrists> Wg2   AC-2  HR+1 DR+1 
        		(Beholder -- Lamias)                  [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A gnome belt                <  waist> Wg5   AC-3
        		(gnome armourer -- gnome village)     [NO ANTICLASSES]
        		A long dagger               < b/stab> Wg6   3d4  HR+2 DR+2 (enchanted)
        		(gnome weaponry -- gnome village)     ANTI:[Cl Mo]
		LEVEL 7:
        		A bronze belt               <  waist> Wg5   AC-4  STR-2 HR+1
        		(Nobleman -- Rome)                    [NO ANTICLASSES]
		LEVEL 8:
		CON     A yellow and green ring     <fingers> Wg1   AC-8  CON+1 AG
        		(large orc -- upper Moria)            [NO ANTICLASSES]
		HP      A glinting silver ring      <fingers> Wg9   AC-5  +30hp
        		(rat  -- sewers)                      [NO ANTICLASSES]
		MV      A pair of muddy boots       <on foot> Wg10  AC-5  +15mv
        		(rat  -- sewers)                      [NO ANTICLASSES]
		HR      A stethoscope               <ar neck> Wg1   AC0   HR+4 DR-3
        		(healer -- Rome)                      [NO ANTICLASSES]
		LEVEL 9:
		HR      Sapphire ring               <fingers> Wg20  AC-10 HR+2
        		(Priest -- Rome)                      [NO ANTICLASSES]
		STR     Roman combat boots          <on foot> Wg45  AC-8  STR+2 DR-1
        		(Soldier -- rome)                     ANTI:[Mu Ps Wi Il]
		HR      A stiletto                  < b/stab> Wg2   AC+2  7d2 HR+4 (no move)
        		(Ogre gang leader -- PK)              [NO ANTICLASSES]
		INT,WIS A jade pendant              <ar neck> Wg30  AC0   INT+2 WIS+2
        		(master scheduler -- Rome)            [NO ANTICLASSES]

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