Elite Mud



Elite is a Multi User Dimension (mud). It can be found at elitemud.com

port 4000.


I've  been  playing elite for about  six and  half years now.  Elite is not the best mud around, but I've found it to be my home away from home. When ever I feel uptight,  angry,  nervous, or I just  want  to escape the  cruel reality  I  log on to Elite  and  forget  about  all  my  problems,  and  just  enjoy


Elite  used to be  the best mud around  (so I've heard),  but  now with  all those other muds around it's just good, not the best, but still good. If you're interested in  Elite's history just click   HERE.   This history was written  by a player that was  there from  the beginning,  (and he's still there now)  his  name  is  Kanth.



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