The first equipment list (that I know of) was made by Explorer, 

he published that list on his clan board. Since than, that list has

 spread all over mud, Rise and Corin pasted it on the board of Storm Dragons

and other people shared it with their clans. Today that list was updated

millions of times, and now there are several equipment lists on the net.

Some people claim that they made it by themselves, but we all know that

they just used the original and added the new stuff (and that's just the

thing that I did). This list of mine is almost the same as everyone's, but

with some small differences. I'll try to keep this list up-to-date,

I'll put the new stuff in as the zones come out, so I hope that one day

people will copy My equipment list and boast around with it and pretend

that it was theirs.


Below you see some strange numbers, those numbers represent levels.

So if you're interested in equipment for level 55, just click on the

50-59 link. (Got it?)



1-9   10-19   20-29   30-39   40-49   50-59   60-69   70-79   80-89   90-99   100+