Here is a list of some of the areas available on the mud, however the mud

 is expanding all the time and areas might be moved slightly to accommodate

 newer ones. (All directions are from the Temple)

The level ranges are -very- approximate and depend very heavily on the

class equipment and number of remorts. Try zones about the right level,

if they are too easy, try harder ones, or others with the same rating.


If there is something wrong with this directions, or you have zone directions

that are not here please drop me a mail and tell me about it.


Always take recalls when exploring a new zone, and make sure you set

your wimpy as high as possible.


     Zone Name                 Directions             Levels
     Ancient Battlefield   2s11wned3e2s2wu3wnunun2de3ses  [med-high]
     Assassins                 2s6e2n5e2n8e2n2dw          [low]
     Bandits                   2s5w6wned3e3swswse         [low] 
     Chessboard                2s7ed3ne6n6ed              [low-med] 
     Crete                     3s2e2s7w7w7wswn2w2s        [low]
     Crimson Fist              2s8e7e3s3wud               [high]
     Delray                    2s3w6se6swnw3de            [low-med]
     Demon Empire              2s3w6se6se6s2e9s2s3wnw     [v.high]
     Dirt Path                 2s5w2n                     [newbie]
     Elysium Faire             8n8n8nw                    [v.high]
     Fairies                   7n7n9e4ne4nw4n             [medium]
     Galaxy                    2s9w7ws2w2sws3wn2wd        [high] 
     Gigantia                  9n9n9n3nen3en              [medium] 
     Godforsaken Slum(PKOK)    3s3w3sws                   
     Gragloy Castle            2s6e2n5e2n8enenu           [high]
     Graveyard/Undertemple     2s3w6s2es                  [low-med]
     Heaven                    2s6e2n4ed3n9ee4nw ("exit") [high]
     Hell                      2s7ed3ne2s5e2s5e7s4sd      [v.high]
     Hobbit Village            2s4e5n                     [low]
     Illir                     2s7ed3ne2s5e2s5e3s3ws2w3n  [medium]
     Japan                     3s3w4se6se6s8s4e2s4e       [high]
     Lagoon                    3s3w4se6se6s8se5s5s        [medium]
     Lamias                    2s7ed5n8ese2sw             [low]
     Lizardmen                 3s2e2s6ws                  [low]
     Mage's Tower              2s7ed3ne2s5e2s5es4en       [high]
     Minotaurs                 2s6e5n5und4nen2e3s         [medium]
     New Arachnos              2s9w7ws3wun                [low]
     Newbie Zoo                2s5e2s                     [newbie]
     New Drow                  2s6e8n2wn3wde3n2w2n2wnwn   [med-v.high]
     Ocean                     3s2e2s6w7w3se2swsw2s       [medium]
     Psionicist School         2s3w5s4en                  [medium]
     Pyramid                   2s7ed5n9eneu               [medium]
     Rome                      9n5n5w                     [low]
     Stanneg                   2s9w2wned3e2s2e            [low-med]
     Storm Dragons Fortress    2s3w6se6se6s2e9se2neueu    [v.high]
     Swamp                     2s9w7ws2w2sw3s             [high]
     Small Temple              2s6e8n2n2e4n2en            [high-v.high]
     Troglodytes               dned2nwnd2e2nwswndw        [low]
     Trolls                    2s6e2n5e2n2e2swn           [high]
     Tynstri                   7n7n9e4ne2n3en2e3ne        [med-v.high]
     Ultima                    2s9w2nwnenw3s              [low-v.high]
     Welmars Castle            2s8e7e3s9en                [high]
     Werehome                  2s7ed3ne2s2e2n4e3n2edes    [high]
Approximate Ranges: [newbie]     0-5
                    [low]        5-30
                    [medium]     30-60
                    [high]       60-90
                    [v.high]     90+