Visiting this web page  was probably  not a big deal for you. But making this web page  WAS a big deal for me!

This page was not  meant to  hurt anyone's feelings,  this page stands as a  reminder that  no matter  what I do, I'm still a human being.

Everything  on  this  page  was  created  by  me.   If  you decide to  use some of my stuff somewhere else (I doubt that that  will happen, but just in case),  I can't  stop you.

If,  after  reading  the  stuff  about me  on this  page,  you develop  some  feelings towards me  (like hate,  sorrow, bitterness, love)  feel free to  express  them in an  email. I'm not promising  that  I'll  respond,  but I  will  read  it.

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With time, I'll probably be adding stuff to this web page, or maybe  I'll erase it.  At this moment  I don't  have  any plans for it.  Whatever  happens  I  thank you for coming here and  checking this  small part  of the  mess I call my life.

In  real life  I'm  not as  Bitter as this page is,  I'm a nice  cheerful  person that looks at life with  childish wonder. But the  cruel reality of this life sometimes sets the dark clouds  on  the  rainbow, and than I  turn into this  Bitter person.

Thank you for coming here...