The Basics!



The are two PK zones on Elite Mud. I'm going to concentrate on the old one. (lets face it, no one ever uses the new one anyway). With that said

here are the rules for Player Killing.


Player Killing is completely illegal except in the PK zone. The PK zone is, from the market square, 3w5swse. Once inside the zone, you *must*  obey the following rules:


    All  PK  is by consent only. This means you must preplan your fights.

    Once  the fight ends,  you  must  stop  fighting,  and in  order  to  fight

    again,  you  must  once  more agree  to the fight.  Also,  the fight  only

    begins  when  all  contestants  are  ready.


    You are no longer a part of any PK if you leave the zone. This means

    dying,  being  summoned  out,  walking out, and so on.  This includes

    leaving  by  accident.  In  short,  if  you  leave,  stop  fighting.


    There is no grouping in PK!


    If you wish to make terms before the fight  (such as no potions,  or no

    eq,  or no  circling, etc),  you should  get an  outside party  such as an 

    immortal  to observe  the fight.  This ensures  that all parties obey the

    rules.  Breaking  agreed-upon  terms  is  the same  thing  as  breaking 

    official PK rules.


Those are the  standard rules for PK-ing.  But there are some others that

adventurers    tend   to   forget.      Nowadays    PK-ing   is  a   form   of entertainment, a  thing  to do while you wait  for  your zone to pop.  But sometimes  (in a quest or in a PK tournament)  Pk-ing is  a test to prove your supremacy to others, and  in those times  the definition of rules is a must!






As  I  mentioned  before  there  are  two  PK  zones on  Elite Mud.  The second zone was made when mass scripting appeared  on Elite, but that new zone will probably never be as popular as the old one.  (Actually I don't even know anyone that goes there anymore). The old  zone (named the  Godforsaken Slum) is  inhibited  by  gang members,  vandals, dolls and  several   patrolman,  but   they  are  there  just  as  a  distraction  to adventurers.  The  zone  itself  is  not  a  big  place,  there  are no UP or DOWN  directions there, and there are no confusing rooms, actually the zone is  fairly  easy  to  learn. If you plan on  being  any  good  in  PK  I recommend that you learn your way around the zone. It is very useful to

know  where  you  are  at  any  given  moment  of  the  fight.


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