The Beginning




 Long   ago,   a   great  assassin

 known   as  Evil  achieved  his

 immortality,       indeed       his

 swiftness  in  becoming  a  god

 was    only    matched,    rather

 ironically,      by     Zharradan.

 He  found  a place  for himself

 in  the  clan  of  Shadowblades

 and  soon  was  reckoned  as a

mighty   warrior,  in  guises  of  Santa  and  Reddragon, the powerful Dragon lords


The  dragon  Reddragon   contrived  to  found  a clan, a people in his

new  world,  and with the  elf Nymph  as queen and the assassin Evil

as Celestial Emperor, the Storm Dragons formed.



Exodus   began.  Evil  was  a popular

deity   and  Santa  a   respected  hero,

and  many  of  his  comrades from the Shadowblades      followed,      many disenchanted     with    the    loss   of Telcor.   I   managed   to   convinced

Santa to take charge over Reddragon,

and    soon    this    infamous  ancient

dragon    Lord   was   master   of  the

Storm Dragons clan.


The  Storm Dragons  grew  swiftly,  with a recruitment policy  more

aggressive  than  any other in  the history  of  elite.  Only a few  clans

became as despised as the  Storm Dragons were. Clumsiness on the

part  of  myself and  apathy on the  part of Santa  only  quickened  the

problem,  and  soon the Storm Dragons had to look  into themselves

to see what had gone wrong.