Ranking System



   Storm Dragons  adopts  a merit-based  ranking system.  This kind of a

   ranking system has been chosen in order to give those worthy members

   a greater  position of  responsibility in the clan (check clan ranks), and

   it  also allows  people to see who they can turn to for good advice and

   help  when  required.



   A   consequence   of   this   system   is  that  level  is   an   unimportant

   consideration   when   taking   into   account   a   member's   suitability

   for  a  promotion.  ( So  a  level  70  could  be  a  Drake,  and  a  level

   109  third  remort  could  still  be  a  Wyrm).



   As  you  grow  higher  in  rank,  thus  more  is  expected  from you.

   Your   behavior   should   be  a  beacon  for  others  to  follow,  and

   your  example   should  exemplify  the  virtues  of  Storm  Dragons.



   In   order   to  gain   higher  ranks,  it  is  necessary  to  prove  yourself

   worthy  of  the   greater  responsibility  associated  with  greater  rank.

   This  can  be  achieved  in  a  number  of  ways...


       Giving advice on,		General Helpfulness,
	       suitable areas			corpse-retrievals
	       useful equipment			equipment gathering
	       classes and races		equipment sharing
	       other related topics	   	mud knowledge
       Activeness,			   	mud technique
	       activeness on the MUD	    	rules - clan and MUD
	       activeness on clan channel       approachability



   To  summarize  briefly,  you  should  be  a  helpful  member  who  gets

   along  well  with  others,  in  order  to achieve higher ranks.  This also

   means  that  you  can  expect  higher  ranks  to  be  a  good  sources  of

   advice  and  knowledge.



   Demotions,   though   rarely   used,   also   work   in   similar   way.

   Inappropriate    behavior,    MUD    policy    breaking,   clan   rules

   breaking,    will    all    lead   to   demotions,    and   in   exceptional

   circumstances   expulsion.



  Warnings may, or may not be given, depending on the circumstances

   of the incident requiring such a harsh measures.



A word of Caution;

Beware of asking for promotions.

Be prepared for blunt answers.


Promotions will come when you are ready.