Probation Period in Storm Dragons



   When   you   apply   to  become   a   member   in  Storm  Dragons  you

   have   to   go   through   the   probation    period   first.    The   duration

   of  this  probation  varies  considerably,  according  to  how  often you

   are  logged  in.  A  rough  average  would  be  1-3 weeks, though it has

   been   known   for   people   to  be  under  probation  for  much  longer.



   During   the   probation   period,   Hatchlings   are   expected  to  abide

   by   the   MUD   and   clan   rules.


  Failure to follow the rules may well result in instant expulsion


   They  should  also  try  to  get  along with the members, and feel free to

   ask  about  anything  they  want  to  know.



   All  members  are  expected  to help oversee  Hatchlings' probation by

   just    keeping    an    eye  out   for  untoward   or   meritous   behavior.

   You  may  feel free to make any comments (good or bad) to the Drakes

   regarding new Hatchlings, your comments taken in  utmost confidence.



   When  Hatchlings have successfully completed  their probation period,

   it   is   the   responsibility   of   a   Drake  that  enlisted  them,  to  raise

   them  to  the  rank  of  Young  Wyrm,  as  they  see  fit.



   To   a   certain   extent,   the   Drake   that   enlisted   the   Hatchling  is

   responsible   for  the  actions  of  the  Hatchling  during  the  probation

   period.  So  it  behooves  a  Drake  to  choose  wisely.


   Note  that  although  no  longer   responsible  for  the  Hatchling,   it  is

   generally  accepted   that  the Drake  who  enlisted  them  decides  then

   they  are  ready  to  be promoted for the rank of Young Wyrm to Wyrm.