Storm  Dragons  Clan  Policy  covers

   a  large   number   of areas.  The  clan

   has  certain  guidelines  to  ensure that

   the     system    works    properly    for

   everyone.   We   tend   to  think of  the

   clan    as    a  family,   and   not  as  an

   institution   that  is   governed by rules.


   More     detailed     notes    about    the

   different   aspects  of   the  clan policy

   can    be  found   here   (links   below)



           The Ranking System  -- Who is who, and how to advance in the clan.

           The Ranks  --  Duties of each member. 

           New Applicants  --  How to join the Storm Dragons.

           2nd. Characters  --  Rules for your other characters.

           Probation Period --  How do we decide if you're worthy to be a Dragon.

           Donation Room Rules  --  Dragons love their treasure!!




  If you're a member of the clan, it is strongly recommended that 

 you familiarize yourself with the clan rules.