New Applicants



The minimum level for entry into Storm Dragons is 25.



   Applicants  may  apply  at  any  time, but will only be allowed into the

   clan  at  level  25.  Exceptions  may  be  made at discretion of a Grand

Drake or a High Drake.



We do NOT approve of active recruitment.



   We  prefer  our  applicants  to  make  their  own  way  towards us, and

   active  recruitment  of  people  from  other clans or  non-clan mudders,

   is   extremely   frowned   upon.   Expect  harsh   punishment!



   Only Storm Dragons with the rank of Drake or higher may accept

Eggs into the clan.



   However,  any  member may feel free to talk to new applicants, but the

   final  decision   regarding  enlistment  will  be  for  a  Drake  to  make.



When accepting an Egg into probation, the enlisting Drake

should post a message on the clan board

saying when the Egg was enlisted, and some info about him.