Second Characters



   Second   characters  of  members,  may  bypass  the  probation  period,

   with  a  promotion  to  the  rank  of  Young  Wyrm.



   Second  characters of  non-clan members   undergo a s lightly  different

   probation procedure.  They should supply  the name of their main/other

   characters,   and   depending  on  the   reputation   of   this  character,  a

   decision   will   be   made   regarding   their   acceptability.



   The aim of the probation period is to asses a new applicant's suitability

   for   the  clan,   and  to  ensure  that  they  are   of  reputable  characters.

   In  the  case  of a second character of a reputable mudder, this has been

   accomplished. As long as there are no objections  from  any in the clan,

   the   second    character   is   then   free   to   join  as   a  Young   Wyrm.



   It  should  be  noted  that  if  member  spends  most  of  their  time  as  a

   non-SD   character,  or   has  a   character  of  high  rank  in  a  different

   clan,  than  they  will  not  reach  the  rank  of   Drake  or  above  in  the

   clan,  due  to  the  possible  allegiance  clashes  (especially  in the case

   of  clan  war).