Welcome  traveler,   welcome   to  the  home  of   Storm  Dragons.

 I am called Corin, and I will be your guide through the clan known

 as  Storm Dragons.


 Storm  Dragons  can   be  found  on  EliteMUD.   EliteMUD   is  a

 Multi-User  Dungeon/Dimension. It was created in 1994  by Petrus

 Wang (IO). IO is now just a name in the wind, but his  memory still

 remains  with  all  of  us.


 EliteMUD can be found at:


    >>NEW<<   Elitemud.net:4500    >>NEW<<



 Storm Dragons is  one  of the oldest of all the clans here,  and has

 survived through  periods of the  MUD's  history  where other clans

 have  wilted  and  faded  away.


 This is our history.  Herein  you  will  discover  what  it  takes  and

 means  to  be  a  Storm Dragon, from  our  founding's,  through  the

 many  changes  and  adversities  we  overcame  to shape us into the

 clan  we  are  today.