Elite MUD Homepages



   Corin's Elite Mud Page  Hmm.. yea, that's 

   my page, but it hasn't been updated lately. 

   But the eq info is still there, and there is a

   list of potions and scrolls there. (and soon

   I'll update all of that)


   Storm Dragons clan Map Well, the title says
   it all, it's an ASCII map of the clan house.

   Player Killing.  A web page dedicated to PKing on Elite Mud. This page

   wont make you a great PKer, but it might help you on your way on

   becoming one.


   The Official EliteMUD Homepage.  I  think  the  title  says  is  all.  If you

   want  to  know  about  Elite  that's  the  place where you'll get all the info

   you  want.


   Poco's Elite Mud Page. New page, lots of info. There you can even find

   the info about all races and all spells and skills in the game. I just hope

   he keeps his eq list updated.


    Damien's EQ page. A good page to get the EQ list. I just hope he'll

   keep it up-to-date. Oh yea, he even has the list of the quest EQ.



Elite MUD Clans



EliteMud  has  a  number  of  other  clans.  (Yup,  Storm Dragons  are  not

the  only  one).  So  here's  the  list  of  those  clans, and links to their web

pages.  (If  they  have  them)


Shamhna			 Thrill Kill Kult
TRI    		   	 Night Tribe
Elysium		   	 Artemisians
Kai			   	 Knights Who say Ni
The Midnight Sun	   	 Minions of Chaos
Dragoons of Phos	   	 Storm Dragons
Adventurers Guild	   	 Guardians of Aliea
Dark Legion			 Monastery of Rosewood
The Amber Circle