/           /
         /' .,,,,  ./
        /';'     ,/
       / /   ,,//,`'`
      ( ,, '_,  ,,,' ``
      |    /@  ,,, ;" `
     /    .   ,''/' `,``
    /   .     ./, `,, ` ;
 ,./  .   ,-,',` ,,/''\,'
|   /; ./,,'`,,'' |   |
|     /   ','    /    |
 \___/'   '     |     |
   `,,'  |      /     `\


Storm Dragons Clan Symbol




Ages  ago, when Dragons  still walked

the lands, the  legendary  Santa formed

a clan.This clan was mighty in its time,

its name causing  awful  fear by it very



So  great  was  the  fear  of   the Storm

Dragons   power,   other  clans  strove

   together  in  an effort to displace the Storm Dragons from power. all to

   no avail, several clans destroyed completely in the  futile attempt. time

   passed  by  during  which  no  other  clan  could even hope to reach the

   dizzy  heights  of of even the lowest Storm Dragon, till Santa fell under

   the  influence  of a  great darkness,  which  not  even the most powerful

   magics  could  dispel,  and  took  a  separate  path  to  the  clan.


   Bereft of leadership the Storm Dragons stumbled, and were finally laid

   low,  not  by  a  glorious  battle,  or  by  the  will of the gods, but by an

   insidious  malignancy  within  the  very  ranks  of  the  Storm  Dragons!


   Leaders  came  and  went, till finally an

   ancient    returned,      Immortal   called

   Zharradan,    wrested    command,   and

   single   handedly   through   blood   and

   sweat,  built  up   the   clan   back  to  a

   measure     of      it's     former     glory.

   Zharradan    finally   left   the  clan    to

   embark     on     a      journey    of    self

   discovery,   and   was   not   seen  for a

   long time.

   We  Storm Dragons  are  a  proud  clan,  rich in heritage, steeped in lore

   and  older  than  the  mists of time. Masters of magic strive to fathom the

   great  arcane magics which allowed our forefathers to transform into the

   great  wyrms  which  are our  namesake, ancient tomes of lost lore being

   our  only  guide.


   Yet, day by day, hour by hour, each hard-won fragment of understanding

   slowly  brings  us  one  step  closer  to the ultimate goal to be a Dragon.


   All  Dragons  can be  traced back to Glaurung, the Father of Dragons, so

   we are all relatives, making our clan the tightest knit, and most fearsome

   to  those  foolish  enough  to  provoke us. This unity of purpose leads all

   Storm Dragons to  unite as one, whenever one of our kind is in need and

   woe  betide  any  who  stand  in  our  way.




Each  Dragon  earns   his  ranks  through

courage,  valor   and   a  commitment  to

the  clan.  No  Dragon has ever gained a

rank  without earning it, levels mattering

little  to  those  with   the   proper  heart.


The clan is governed by the High Drakes

together  who  hold the future of the clan in their hands.  Grand  Drakes  are those

Dragons who have earned a place in the

Immortal  legend  of the  Storm Dragons.

Great     Drakes    are    mighty    indeed,

thoroughly mastering knowledge arcane,

   distinguishing themselves through valorous deeds. Drakes are those who

   are   staunchest  in  their   devotion  to  the  clan  and  have  shown  great

   distinction  in  true  heroism.


   Wyrms  make  up the body of the clan, progressing from Young to Wyrm

   to  Elder.  Elder  Wyrms  are  those   with  the  beginnings  of  greatness

   stamped  upon t hem.  Wyrms  are  those who have taken the first step on

   their journey to greatness. Young Wyrms are those who have progressed

   through  their  baptism  of  fire,  and  take  the  first  step on the road of a



   Storm Dragons will only accept those who are at least level 25, to weed

   out  the  unworthy  and  weak  of  heart. Our symbol and namesake is the

   mighty  Storm Dragon,  an  ancient  beast  which swoops over the Moria

   mountains of our home, during storms of rumbling thunder and shattering