The Turmoil



I   was  the   first  Mother Goddess,

as  Djeli's   title  was  known  back

then, and Reddragon  was  the  first

Grand  Drake, or  clan  ruler.  As  I

earlier said,  I  pursuaded  Evil that

Santa was more suited to this  role.

Avalon  was  the  first   and    only 

Overgod,   but   Evil   was the  first

Celestial  Emperor.


For    some    reason,   Anubis  was

raised to  the rank  of Grand Drake,

and  this  began  a  tendency  to   raise   people   to  the   ruler  rank.

This  resulted  in  a  bit   of   chaos  until  a  balance   was   reached

with  first   3  rulers,   and   later   5,  with   Santa   being   the   first

among   equals  and   me  being   the  Queen  over  all.


Sinner,   Radagast,  Anubis,  Deimos,  Sinner,  Puck,   Gurk,  Santa,

Reddragon,  and  I  believe  Odie,  all  served  in  the post of Grand

Drake  at  one  point  or  another.  Lagg  was  the last of  them, until

the  recent  election.


Slowly   the   clan   deteriorated,   as

apathy took hold and people began to

ignore   their   kin.  A   slow   rotting

became    an    explosion,    and    the

problems      became     deeper    and

deeper.  The very thing that made the

clan  grow  began  to  destroy  it, and

the  recruitment policy of the leaders

began  to  show its evils as more and

more  people  ignored  the  clan line.

What   was   once  a  clan  was  now

merely    a   collection    of    people.

It was at  this  time  that  several  Storm Dragons  left  the  clan  and

formed  what  became  known  as  the  SHOGUNS  clan.