New Hope



Storm Dragons,  as   a clan,  drifted.

It was no longer a potent clan, and its

most   prominent   warriors   became

gods, leaving a vaccuum  of  talent in

the world of Midgaard. It was  a clan

with no leader, and existed in a void,

with no goals, and no identity. Those

who had attempted  to save it had left it  for   dead...   but   it  did   not  die.


Salvation    came   in   the   guise   of Avalon     and    Zharradan.    Avalon became more  and   more  mighty   as an   immortal,   while  Zharradan,  an absent   god,  returned  to  the  mortal world and became the first mortal  to remort  thrice,   making   him  one  of

Midgaard's mightiest heroes.  He  seized  the  clan, and led it to new  heights new blood  joined,  and working  with  old  gods,  made  the  clan something fresh, something new.


Storm Dragons  today  are indeed  a  popular  clan, ranging between 4 or 5 and 10 people online, truly impressive. They are a clan with a history   like   no  other,  for   few  have   a   history   so  rich,  or  so

controversial. The clan is  a  clan  of firsts... the first 3rd remort, and

the first clan to  use  unique  clan  titles..  also  the  reason  why  only

advisors  and  higher  can  resign  from  a  clan.


Due to the  Storm Dragons, two  clans  died,  GeNeX,  and  Shadow

Runners, and many  others  spent themselves attempting to extinguish

this  clan.  Clan  wars  almost  became  a  reality.