That was then, and this is now (1996)

For those who wanted the list of rulers

lets see what I can manage...


- Evil/Nymph (Evil includes *all* his                         characters)

- Evil   

- Shampoo

- Zharradan (High Drake today)

- Djeli

- Skar


- Demandred (High Drake today)


I've not  included various  others  who

held a leader rank, only the  ones who

had   "final  say",   as   it   were.

Storm Dragons has  had  a lot in  it's history. Few probably remember

Funnyguy, or Dikuman, or Santa, or Evil, despite the fact that Evil was

the second most worshipped god the mud has ever known, but all these

people and more made this clan  what it was, much as you reading this

make  Storm  Dragons  what  it  is  and  what  it  can become.


Maybe now, such titles as Deimos's "Silver Dragon" or Sinner and his

"a lone rogue  and  his  dragon"...  maybe   they   make   more  sense....


Maybe  names  such  as Ji and  Elvis, Dikuman and Funnyguy won't be



Thank you, Djeli,  for  allowing  me  to  write  the  clan history. I think since Evil's deletion I'm probably the one  who knows it best, although of  late   my  view  has  been  from  the  outside  and  not  from  within.


Congratulations,   Storm  Dragons,  you  have  a  clan  you  should  all be   proud   of.   You   did   something    I,  and  others,  failed   to  do.


You made a clan out of yourselves, and for that, I respect you.



Lady Nymph
(So ends the history.)