Clan War



No.  Clan war never happened, but it

nearly    did.    Hatred    came    from

everywhere,  and  old  allies, such as

the SHOGUNS, soon turned on their

old  friends.


Rotting  from   within,  warring  from

without,  the Storm Dragons  slowly

lost  hope. Evil became  aloof, and I,

in my attempts to save the clan nearly

destroyed   it   forever.   In   one  fell

swoop,   myself,    Sinner,    Deimos,

Elvis, and  Hoffa left the clan, and the Storm Dragons lurched on the edge of death.


For a short  time I stayed  in  the Holy Unicorns, while others drifted

into  clanlessness  or  the  Shadowblades  of old.  After  immorting, I

spoke  with   friends,  Deimos,  Sinner,  Radagast  and Puck,  and the

five  of  us  returned  with renewed spirit to attempt to save our clan.


It  was  not  to be so.  New  policies drove friends away, old leaders

lost  hope,  and  Santa  faded  away. In anger and despair some of the

Storm  Dragons'  finest  left,  off  to  search  for  what  they sought to

create.  Shadowblades   accepted  many,  while  others  formed  new

clans:  the  Army of Darkness,  and  Saracen,  later  to be known as

Kai.   Still   others   drifted  to   the  Holy  Unicorns   and  the  Pack.


Shampoo  became  the  clan  Mother Goddess and Lagg remained the

sole Grand  Drake.  Evil  self-deleted  in  a  fit  of despair, and Santa

soon  followed  suit.