The    History   of  Storm  Dragons  as

    recalled by Nymph.


    Nymph   was   one   of    the   original

    members  of  clan,   back   during  the

    ancient  times  when Evil, Reddragon,

    and  Santa  still  walked the land. She

    still  is one of the foremost characters

    of EliteMUD, having left the Dragons

    and   founded   her   own   clan,   Kai.

    Here  then,  is a first-hand  account of the  origins of the clan, recorded

    so  that   great deeds, though  they may fade with time,  will  never  die




    The Beginning     --    How it all started.

    The Turmoil        --    The Beginning of the End.    

    Clan War             --    The war of the Dragons

    New Hope           --    Will the Clan Prevail?

    Epilogue              --    That was then, the future awaits you Dragons!



    Thank you Nymph for recording our history,  and thank you Kamthra

    for preserving it.