Donation Room Rules



   Due to the nature of the limited saving ability of the clan donation room

   (100 items), a few simple guidelines are posted here in order to ensure

   that  a  certain   amount  of   decent   equipment   is   always   available.


      - the donation room can only crash-save a maximum of 100 items.


      - please keep easily replaceable items out of here.

           -eg. Keys, long swords, leather sandals, scrolls of recall,

            canteens, empty bags, etc...


      - When  wishing  to  'donate'  equipment  to  the clan, to NOT use the

         the  'donate'  command.  Come  here  in  person and 'drop' the item.


      - Equipment in here should not be sold to clan member.


      - Equipment in here should not be sold or given to non-members.


      - Equipment   from   the   donation   room   may   be   swapped   with

        non-members  only if, there are several of those objects in donation

        room,  and  the  item  you  get  is  of  equal  or   greater   usefulness.


      - Sometimes you find equipment that is good, but not good enough for

        donation  room.  Those  items  should  be dropped in The Basement

        (one down from donation room).  The  basement  does  not save the

        equipment  in  the case of a crash/reboot, so don't drop hard-to-find

        equipment  there.


      - Don't  drop  scrolls,  potions  or wands in the basement, those items

        have  a  place  for  themselves.  Those  items  should  be  put  in the

        chest  that  is  located  in  the  Dragons Hallway. (the contents of the

        chest  won't  save  in  the  case  of a  crash/reboot).


      - If  you  have  cursed item  that  needs  to be dropped in the donation

        room  (like  ninja mask, mask of Gemini, etc)  put  them  in  the altar

        in  the  donation room. (the items will be saved if the MUD crashes)