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Godforsaken Slum is an old ruined part of Midgaard (at least I like to imagine it to be). The zone itself has 70 "rooms" and it fairly easy to learn.

PK_Map               PK_Map_2

I've made two versions of the map. Both versions are the same, as far as the zone is concerned. The difference is in quality. The first map is of better quality but it's a bit larger (272kb), and the second one was made for you that just want a quick peek (lower quality) of the map and are too lazy to wait for the big one to load (the second one is 109kb)

Now I'm gonna comment on the zone itself, so i recommend that you refer to the map if you don't want to get confused.

Most of the actually fighting happens in the middle of the zone (NO MAN'S LAND). I'm not saying that you'll fight there all the time, but from experience I can say that I was attacked there more than anywhere else. Most of the time you can see how good your opponent is only watching him move through the zone. Newbies will almost always fight only in the top part of the zone (since they don't know where to go, and get lost after walking through several "rooms"). When fighting a newbie you can probably easily locate him  in one of the corners of the zone (probably somewhere in the top part). When a newbie gets his ass kicked and is left with about 400HP he'll panic and just franticly go through the directions in an attempt of escaping. That's his first mistake, that way he'll get lost, and he wont get far (because he'll be hitting his head on a lot of walls).

Learn to move fast through the zone, especially from one side of the zone to the other. When you're fighting someone experienced and he backs away from a fight, he'll probably be on the other side of the zone in about 2-3 seconds and heal up there. (and when you flee the fight, you better be able to get as far away from your opponent as you can in the shortest amount of time)

There are several hiding places in the zone that adventurers like to use when they are low on MN and HP. One of  them is an "Old Abandoned Werehouse", and the other "A Small Ruined Chappel". Now.. what's so special about those places? Well.. it's not much.. but they have doors. The funny thing about doors on elite is that you can see when someone opens them even if you're asleep. So if you're fast enough you can escape as soon as your opponent opens the door (even if you were sleeping).

Another hiding place (but this one w/o doors) is "a Wide Alleyway". Some adventurers like to rest there because their opponent can only come from one direction. The down side of this "resting place" is that you can only flee in one direction, so your opponent doesn't have to lose time scouting to see where you fled.

I never rest at the places I mentioned so far, those places are too obvious, and anyone with some experience will check there first. My recommendation for resting are "rooms" that are secluded (where your opponent cant see you on scout from 6 "rooms" away), and they should not have more than 2 exits (so there is less of a chance of getting spotted on scout). Oh yea.. never stay at one place for too long, no matter where you are, if you stay there long enough you'll get discovered.

That's all for now about the zone itself... there'll be some more tips about the zone itself in the part where I'll talk about scripts.

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