Helpful tips on the the dying art of Player Killing


The Art of Player Killing is dying out on Elite Mud. What is really this

art?  What  is  Player  Killing  (PK-ing) anyway?  PK-ing  is the  art of

out surviving / outwitting your opponent  in the  PK zone.  PK zone is a

dueling  ground for adventurers.  It's  a place  where adventurers die by

the hands of other adventurers!



On  this web page I'll  try to offer some advice on how to survive these

duels.  I'll split  this  up into  several  categories  (to make it easier  for



This Page has been provided by Storm Dragons.

Created and Maintained by: Corin

Recommended Resolution: 1024:768


--  The Basics     (PK Rules, PK Zone)

--  Starting Out    (Description of the PK zone (with Map)

--  How To?        (PK Races, Classes, Skills & Spells)

--  Fighting          (Tactics, healing/killing, Pk scripts, connection)

--  Final Tips       (What makes others great in PK)

--  PK-ing            (Fighting the Fights.. logs of PK matches with tips)

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